MAGNACAP SYSTEM AURICULAR SYSTEM S-RANGE MAGNETS S-RANGE IMPLANT ATTACHMENTS OTHER IMPLANT ATTACHMENTS CUSTOM IMPLANT  ATTACHMENTS (PATIENT SPECIFIC) LABORATORY COMPONENTS Laboratory components MAGNAMAT HOW-TO GUIDES SPECIALISED MAGNETS SILICONE RETENTIVE MAGNET s range pro magnets Silicone retention Magnet specialised magnets S range implant attachments non s range implant attachments custom items and specials Magnamat How To Guides QUICK FINDER COCHLEAR VISTAFIX COMPATABILITY GUIDE MAGNET QUICK FINDER Auricular System Compatability Chart Telephone: 	928-537-8387 Fax: 										   928-537-0893 USA Home MagnaCap system prosthetic materials Water based adhesives Magnamat Courses Private Prosthetics contact FACTOR 2 Quality Accreditations About Technovent UK The same method can also be used for fabricating extraoral prostheses. Place a Mini/Maxi Transfer Magnet on the matching size Magnacap/Magnabutment/ Root Keeper using a Hand Capfit Tool/Seating Tool.  When seated, the magnet automatically releases from the tool. Take an impression with Transfer Magnets in place. Seat Lab Analogue Abutments onto the Transfer Magnets and cast a model using super hard stone plaster. When the model is set remove the Transfer Magnets from the impression.   Clean, disinfect and autoclave sterilise for re-use. Place the Prosthesis Magnet with fitted Locator Ring on the replica keeper In the model. Remove the Locator Ring after processing. Check there is no resin on the magnet surface.  Do not grind or use metal instruments on the magnet surface. OVERDENTURES WITH MAGNETS IN SITU