E-Skin delivers..

Reduced Metamerism

e-Skin utilizes a new spectrocolorimeter with new colour measurement

technology enabling clinicians to produce skin colour matches that

effectively eliminate metamerism. This results in prostheses that will

match patients' natural skin colour in all lighting conditions to all observers.

Skin Colour and Appearance

Each e-Skin library reference provides two matching colorant recipes.

One has colorant only and one has additional flocking. This allows for the

control of the skin colour appearance as required.

More Natural Looking Prostheses

As a result of research in conjunction with practising clinicians, e-Skin

recipes combined with QuickWeigh colorants produce translucency levels

that deliver the most ‘life-like’ or ‘real’ looking prostheses.

Enhanced Patient Service

The highly portable unit is ideal for moving between clinic rooms. Speedily

taking readings and returning to the lab with stored data for mixing. This

allows for more streamlined patient processing.

Cost Benefits

Precision levels of material usage and quick weighing produce savings in

consumable costs and clinician/patient time.

Prostheses that match patients' skin colour in all lighting conditions

Flocks match skin colour and appearance

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